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How to create a post

How to create a post steps…

 -Click on ‘Posts’

 -Click ‘Add New’ Type in the title of the post

 -Check the box ‘Harry Derham’ under the ‘Categories’ tab

 -Click on ‘Save draft’

 -Then click ‘edit with Elementor’

 -Create a row using the + icon

 -Search for the ‘Text Editor’ and drag and drop it into the row *you can also search for images to add these into the post too

 -Copy the content you have created into the text box *make sure you use the widget on the left hand side to copy the content into

 -Click on the button ‘Publish’ to make the post live

 -Click the three icons at the top left hand side on the left pane and then click on ‘view page’ and it will open up the page you have created and you can then copy and paste the URL to wherever you need it.